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  • Lakes Region Explorer

    The Lakes Region Explorer offers service along Route 302 from Bridgton to Portland, with stops along the way in Naples, Casco, Raymond, Windham, and Westbrook.

  • RTP Receives 2 Donations!

    RTP Received a $15,000 Gift from the John T. Gorman Foundation and a $15,000 gift from the Sam L. Cohen Foundation!

Older Adults & Seniors
For those riders who are 60 or over, RTP offers rides at affordable prices. For those with a low income, RTP contracts with DHHS to provide rides to medical and other appointments. A yearly application with income verification is required.

For riders who are 60 or older and over income guidelines provided by DHHS, you will still qualify for our services.  The fare is 2.50 One-Way, for trips within one town, or between neighboring towns and $5.00 One-Way, for trips between non-adjoining towns.  Here’s an example; A trip from Portland to South Portland costs $2.50 each way, $5.00 round-trip. A trip from Cumberland to Portland costs $5.00 each way, $10.00 round-trip.

An application must be on file.

Appointment times under this category must be between 10am and 2pm

Simply click on the “Rider Application” BELOW, fill it out and mail it back to us at:  Transportation Application, 127 Saint John Street, Portland, ME  04102.  We try to process all applications received within two business days.

Rider Application 2016